I’m so very, very glad you’ve landed on our Soulprints page! I’d like to personally welcome you to a community that is inviting, encouraging, and compassionate.

It is my deepest wish that whether planning a family celebration, seeking Life Design guidance, or simply looking for some daily positivity you will find a place here.

Soulprints was inspired, as often happens, by a collision of several major life events, including loss of a loved one, birth within our family, impending marriage of a child, and the re-realization that life is one giant cycle that we all travel through together.

My professional backgrounds include educational specialist, national speaker, writer, yoga teacher and mindfulness teacher. These experiences, in combination with the joys of being a mom, wife, sister, daughter and friend, have left me with a true desire to help all embark on an intentionally-designed life of authenticity and celebration.

Blessings to all,


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