Prayer for The World

I had a post ready to go today. It was about overcoming frustration. It’s a worthy post, and one I will revisit. But not for this week. That kind of frustration has been far surpassed.

I have no words for the frustration and pain in the world today. I am overcome with fear and sadness and anger and worry. From the isolation and devastation of the virus to the senseless brutality, prejudice and killing of people of color, our world seems out of control.

So today’s post is the only one that sits in my heart. It feels inadequate, but here it is, a prayer for the world, from my heart to yours.

Let each of us know and see and love our neighbor in a way that is not only how we love ourselves, but far better than. For when we love them as ourselves, we assume they feel what we feel and need what we need. They don’t. Let us find the way to love them that matches those needs.

Let us look into the face of children, and not rest until all are held, loved, educated, fed and treasured.

Let us hold up those who do the tough things, who are on the front lines of Life, be it teachers, health care workers, protesters, or civil servants. Let us lift up the decision-makers, praying that they seek guidance and are worthy of and wise with the messages they receive.

Let us each find our unique area of service, and dig in deeply to right the wrongs, fix the brokenness and support the efforts of those doing the same.

Let us flood the world with love and prayers and good intentions for peace, but even more so let us each flood the world with ACTION.

Let us work to heal the sick, feed the hungry, provide safety for the abused, and empower and support those facing injustice.

Let us not rest, not sleep, not stop until we each have become “boots on the ground” and found our way of being an active part of creating the world we want to see. The world we know CAN be.

Peace and love be with all who are hurting, scared, angry, broken. Let them not feel alone, let them not BE alone.

Lord God, hear my prayer.

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