Inviting Wonder

The fuzzy purple blanket is tucked tightly around my thighs as the peppermint tea steeps in the rustic mug.  From my old denim chair I can still see the leftover sparkles of Christmas lights, though there are fewer and few each night.

I’ve always loved the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day.  There is an aura of the universe giving itself permission to slow down, exhale fully, and regroup.  I find myself slipping into nostalgia during this liminal field, reflecting on years past and years ahead. Time feels warped, as if stationary, frozen, suspended.  The juncture allows me to think purely, with unfiltered, raw honesty.  I use this time to organize not my work life and productivity, but rather my heart and soul.

In spite of giving in fully to this time of grace and suspension, I actively resist the notion of resolutions.  Somehow the process always seemed like a desperate teenager trying to find a last minute date to a Valentine’s Dance….not about depth, but rather expectation.  They also last about equally long.  Resolutions always made me feel like I needed to do some epic gesture to prove I was a worthy and focused human being, and as the years passed I realized I don’t owe anyone anything, I have nothing to prove, and I don’t mind going to the dance on my own terms. 

What I do, instead, as I sip my tea and journal by the amber glow of candles and Christmas lights, is write myself an invitation to wonder.  This year I welcome in the days with a sense of magic, awe, inspiration, as if it was a clean and primed canvas with unlimited masterpieces waiting to unfold.  Rather than setting the mandatory goals, I invite curiosity.  What would my life look like if I created some kind of art daily?  I wonder what would happen if I intentionally moved my body for 30 days straight?  I am astonished at the impact travel has on my soul, and wait with anticipation to see what adventures will unfold for this year.  On and on the invitations go.

Curiosity and wonder welcome possibility with open arms.  They serve as godparents to creativity and encourage us to flow simply through the magic of every day life.  So, as I savor the last sip of the tea, I place the journal back on the desk, blow out the candles, and wait for what comes my way. Wonder has been invited into 2023.

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